A passionate and resourceful Designer/Art Director with 9 years experience working on a variety of projects and brands from Art Direction, graphic design, illustration, digital & social media, photography and filming.

Always ready to take on a challenge and try something different. I have a strong sense of what I want to convey but still maintain a flexible and open mind to other opinions.

Key Skills

  • Conceptual Development
  • Addressing Client Needs
  • Researching
  • Organizational and Time Management
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Visual Aesthetic
  • Advertising and Marketing Skills
  • Typographic Proficiency
  • Social Media
  • Professional and Ethical Conduct
  • Technical Efficiency
  • Collaborative and Trustworthy
  • Print Production
  • Skilled Drawer
  • Photographer
  • User Interface
  • Photographer
  • User Interface
  • Illustrator with mouse and pencil